Life Must Go On

Life is such that there are times when goals and ambitions set by people are not achieved in the way they envisioned them. There are also times when the good plans set out by people for execution do not materialize despite all the hard work and efforts that they employ.

In summary, life is made up of ups and downs which no human mind can vividly understand. It is only when a mishap happens that we are able to sit up and do an analysis of what went wrong so that we can prevent these in future.

There is an axiom that states that life is unfair. Thus, despite the good intentions one could have for their countrymen and women, people who oppose such views could also work to undermine the efforts of well-intentioned folks through so many crooked means.

The recent presidential and parliamentary elections was a hard fought one taking into consideration the efforts that went into the contest from the competing camps and their followers across country.

In every human contest since the beginning of creation, there have been winners and losers. There were times when such contests were held fairly while on most occasions, unfairness tainted the beauty of the contests because of the greediness of a particular participant.

There are different schools of thought on the arbitration and organization of this year’s presidential and parliamentary elections. While those of the winning party think that the elections were fair, the unfortunate side has described it as one that smacked of rigging.

And those perfectly describe how the politics of this country has been since time immemorial.

Indeed more people are downcast while a lot more people are celebrating their party’s win.

But in spite of all the aforementioned moods, there is one thing that we can do as a people. We need to come together as one people and reconcile in the interest of the development of our dear nation.

BUSINESS GUIDE wishes to inform Ghanaians that the country direly needs development in all the sectors. Without oneness of mind and the commitment to ensure that we cross over any hurdle in our political course, we will continue to falter and recede.

Everyone needs eagle’s lens to be able to hold those we have entrusted our economic destiny accountable.

We must remember that if we leave the politicians to have a field day, by their nature they will exploit us and continue to ask us to allow them to rule in future only to realize that we have sold ourselves into slavery.

This is not the time to rejoice. It is rather time to begin to monitor our political office holders and check them against the things they have said and see if they ever will be able to deliver by the end of their mandate. If we will continue to be content with personalities and not issues, our future will be bleak. This is just food for thought.


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