Electrical Contractors Want Contracts

Members of the Ghana Electrical Contractors Association (GECA) have appealed to government to channel electrical contracts directly to them instead of awarding such contracts to general contractors.

The GECA members said they were qualified in their field of operation and therefore the prevailing situation under which government gave electrical contracts to general contractors did not augur well for them.

Out of about 100 contracts awarded last year, the association only had 20 percent.

Joseph Walker, chairman of the association, speaking to BUSINESS GUIDE in an interview recently, appealed to Parliament to ensure that L.I. 1816, which specified how the distribution and award of electrical contracts should be done was strengthened so that jobs that belong to electrical contractors would be given to them.

A building project requires contributions from mechanical, civil and electrical engineers to make it complete.

GECA was founded in 1948 to provide a focal point for a meeting of all licensed electrical contractors in Ghana to plan for the welfare of members and promote electrical contracting works throughout the country. It has between 250 and 300 members.

In seeking to secure and maintain high level of professional standards among members, the association also aims to regulate the conduct of members of the association generally.

Mr Walker noted that it was as a result of such situations that fire gutted some government ministries, departments and agencies in recent times.

“If contracts that are supposed to be given to us find their way to people who have no specialized knowledge about electrical, then there are bound to be fire outbreaks and huge losses to government and the State.”

In most cases, general contractors have executed substandard work as far as electrical contracts were concerned, he indicated.

By Samuel Boadi

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