Star Life Assurance Target Churches

George Kojo Addison, Managing Director of Star Life Assurance Company Ltd

Star Life Assurance Company Limited has initiated an insurance programme to influence churches to get involved in welfare schemes that would be beneficial to all members.

As part of the programme, the company is expected to offer professional services and advice to the churches on how to make welfare schemes effective.

George Kojo Addison, Managing Director of Star Life Assurance Company Ltd, noted that insurance penetration is less than one per cent and stressed the need to step up efforts to get the public to appreciate the value of insurance.

Opening the first-ever welfare seminar targeted at churches and the Christian community to get them to strengthen their welfare schemes through insurance, Mr. Addison said the insurance companies were capable of mobilizing capital for economic development internally.

“We always contract loans and seek donor support outside the country but these long term funds are available here in the country. We have to strengthen our insurance system to be able to mobilize these funds and not always depend on external funds.”

Themed “Financial Management in the Kingdom of God,” he said apart from using insurance for economic development the churches could use insurance schemes to improve the welfare of their members.

“As inspired by our vision to be pacesetters in creating wealth and a fulfilling life through personal relationships with our partners, we would like to reach out to the Christian community in our bid to help find lasting solution to the old age problem of welfare management in our churches.”

Mr. Addison said the company was committed to forging a lasting and beneficial partnership between the insurance industry and the churches to build what he called “sustainable and reliable” welfare schemes for the churches.

Rev. Dr. Fred Deegbe, General Secretary of the Christian Council speaking on the topic, ‘The role of leadership in financial management in the Kingdom of God,’ noted that the time has come for churches to strengthen their financial management and bring positive dividends to members.

He said the churches have no excuse not to embark on investments that would be beneficial to their members.

By William Yaw Owusu




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