City Investments Company At A Glance

City Investments Company (CIC) Limited is a licensed non-bank financial institution founded in 1995 by a team of pacesetting financial experts and professional money managers.

It is a proud member of the Vanguard Group of companies which includes Vanguard Assurance, a winner of the CIMG insurance company of the year for three consecutive years.

“We do not want to just offer business solutions. We want to build relationships. This is because relationships are key to customer satisfaction and thriving businesses,” Kwasi Tumi, Managing Director (MD) of CIC Limited notes.

“Based on this, we endeavor to cultivate relationships with our customers to understand their businesses and individual financial needs. Also, we do not just generic business solutions, but products that our tailored to each unique financial need. Our product portfolio is made up of investments, high yield savings products, project finance, SME and personal loans.

“We have also added Insurance Premium Finance to our portfolio which involves the lending of funds to individuals or companies to cover the cost of their insurance premiums.”

Products of the company include personal loans which are given to workers of reputable companies and individuals with regular income to meet personal needs, such as buying land, payment of school fees, funeral expenses, home improvements, etc.

The loan amount depends on the salary level of the applicant as evidenced by pay slips and/or bank statements. Provision is also made for home improvement loan, land acquisition loan, rent loan, car loan, mortgage loan and consumer durable loan, among others.

Fixed deposits: This is to encourage the culture of saving; CIC’s high-yield savings product offers extremely attractive interest rates above current Treasury Bill rates to customers. Its customers do not only save but realise the long term benefits of significant value to their savings through this product.

Project finance: A timely tool for growth, whether intended to expand manufacturing activities, implement new processing capabilities, or leverage existing assets in new markets, CIC has unique financing that can transform an industry.

Under this product category, other services on offer include corporate finance & investment advisory, corporate and debt restructurings, bond structuring and placement and financial engineering.

Commenting on SME Loans, Mr Tumi indicated: “We tailor our loans to suit the unique needs and maximize the potential growth of each SME that requires financial assistance. Such needs include funding to restock supplies, payment of custom duties and supply of goods, project financing, trade financing, receivable financing, guarantee financing and  insurance premium financing.”

According to him, the sales staff and product portfolio of CIC is driven by the “the Helpstation”, a financial first aid point designed to understand the specific needs of its customers.

“We adapt our products to suit them and support our customers’ projects when it matters. “The Helpstation” reinforces our commitment to putting customers at the heart of all we do.”

Further commenting on the benefits to be accrued from ‘the Helpstation,’ the MD said it was targeted at partnering customers to realize their financial goals through investments, project finance, insurance premium finance, SME loans and personal loans.

“The Helpstation is centered on the value of relationships with our customers and focused on the unique needs of CIC’s customers.

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