Universal Pensions Target Excellence

Alexander Oppong Gyimah

Universal Pensions Master Trust (UPMTL) says it is poised to provide world-class pension trustee and fund administration to individuals and corporate organizations.

The company, whose operational office is located at the Airport Residential Area, Accra, offers trustee services for Tiers II and III pension schemes.

Alexander Oppong Gyimah, Head of Operations, UPMTL noted, “We provide retirement planning solutions to all Ghanaian workers who are either working in the formal or informal sector. We are committed to helping employees/workers save for their financial future whilst in the workplace. In so doing, we deliver solutions that allow employees to develop a plan to meet their retirement objectives. ”

Mr. Gyimah said UPTML deploys state-of-the-art technology which helps the company to deliver pension solutions and investment monitoring online.

“Our retirement strategy factors in an individual’s time-to-retirement and the attendant risks in order to deliver tailored advice, eliminate unnecessary risks and ensure the best possible outcome for retirement goals of an individual member.”

He noted that the company believes in forging very strong and long lasting relationships and partnership with its clients.

Asked why the company was so enthusiastic about its operations, the Head of Operations said Universal Pensions Business’ model challenges industry thinking and addresses the lack of innovation and transparency. “Efficiency in scheme administration is the cornerstone of our corporate pensions offering as we aim to drive down the cost of administering the various schemes under our care. And in doing all these, we have created a strong compliance infrastructure for our clients at a highly competitive cost.”

He said that the company’s sophisticated fund administration software is designed to ensure automated pensions calculations, electronic document management, integrated workflow/case management, end-user reporting, online member access, web browser access for users, integrated finance/cashbook functions, integrated telephony-call logging and integrated SMS/email generation.






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