The Escalating Cement Price


The unbridled increase in the price of cement in the country lately raises eyebrows, given the astronomical heights the price has assumed in such a short period of time.

Prior to the upsurge in the price, the product was sold at GHC17.00 on the market but in just a little over two weeks, the price of a bag of cement has catapulted to GHC25.00 and still continues to rise.

Although some people have blamed the leading cement producer of cement for the situation, GHACEM has come out to deny the allegations.

BUSINESS GUIDE has however learnt that the shortage being experienced is as a result of a fault on the transformer of Diamond Cement, the second largest producer, at its plant.

Though the manufacturers have given assurances, we do not know when exactly the problems would be addressed. At the moment, we are in limbo.

It is true that in a liberal economy such as ours, the invisible hand of the market usually determines prices of products, but in order to forestall untoward happenings on the market, it will be prudent for Ministry of Trade & Industry to establish a task force which will go round in mufti to arrest and prosecute retailers who over price their wares to instill some discipline.

BUSINESS GUIDE believes shortage in the daily volumes of cement produced should not be a leeway for certain unpatriotic individuals to exploit others, hence the call for some sort of monitoring.

Should such a monitoring team be put in place, BUSINESS GUIDE is hopeful members of the public will assist the authorities to check the retailers.

The present situation is negatively affecting the construction industry and individuals who are constructing structures.

In the case of those who are living in rented houses, they get humiliated by their landlords. The rent is simply doubled without any reason and in some instances tripled. And those who dare challenge such inexplicable increment by their landlords are immediately evicted.

BUSINESS GUIDE humbly appeals to the appropriate authorities to resolve the matters immediately to assuage the suffering of the masses.

God save Ghana’s poor!






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