Tourism Sector Rakes $1.8bn Revenue

Wli Water Falls in Volta region- one of the tourist sites in Ghana

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), Julius Debrah has disclosed that Ghana earned about $1.8 billion from tourism in 2010. The amount, he noted, was realized from some 950,000 tourists who visited the country within the period.

Speaking on Multi TV’s current affairs show, Mr. Debrah said if the country comes to terms with the fact that its tourism base has to be expanded and developed, tourism revenue will shoot up and projects can be funded with the revenue accrued from the sector.

“Ghana’s tourism potentials have certain uniqueness about them which other competitors lack,” the GTA boss stated and called for the harnessing of these unique qualities to the benefit of the citizenry.

Parliament recently passed the Ghana Tourism Authority Bill (Act 817) which upgraded the Ghana Tourist Board to an Authority now known as the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA).

The GTA is expected, among others, to promote the sustainable development of the country’s tourism industry both internally and internationally.
The CEO however revealed that Ghana is doing well in the area of educational tourism and hinted that plans are underway to make souvenirs available at the various tourist sites so that people who visit such sites can purchase them to show that they visited specific tourist locations in the country.


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