Apple Without Steve Jobs – Can It Succeed?

Steve Jobs

Whether someone is an Apple customer or an Apple stockholder cannot help but be saddened by the resignation of the legendary founder of the company.

The question that comes to everyone’s mind, however, is whether the company can continue to thrive without Steve Jobs’ leadership whether Apple can continue to churn revolutionary products that make a difference in the lives of the consumers and in the company’s bottom line.

While only time and markets can provide a definite answer to this question, arguments can go in both directions. On the one side, it will be difficult for Apple to thrive without Steve Jobs, as he was a leader with a strong vision, a man who knew the technology, the market and the art and he could marry altogether in blockbuster products; and he had the charisma to develop and spread the message to Apple followers, creating efficient and effective WOM and buzz campaigns.

On the other side, Apple can thrive without Steve jobs, as it isn’t a conventional company.

It is a form of collective entrepreneurship, an association of thousands of entrepreneurships that share the risks and the rewards from the discovery and exploitation of new products—which makes it more likely that a new leader will emerge to lead the company.

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