‘Respect Gaming Act’

Haruna Iddrisu - Minister of Communications

The Minister of Communications, Haruna Iddrisu has entreated telecommunication companies in the country to respect the Gaming Law.

He said it is imperative for operators in the industry to adhere to the rules and stay away from any infraction that can cause any crisis in the industry.

He emphasised that “all telecom operators should respect Ghana’s Gaming Law, (Act 721, 2006) and that in undertaking your promotions, you should show utmost respect to the letter and spirit of that institution in order that we do not confuse your mandatory role of doing voice, video, data and now content.”

The Minister, who made the call during the launch of MTN Business at Alisa Hotel in Accra, encouraged the operators to “respect the approved guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Even as we become weary of the biological effect of electromagnetic field, we are particularly concerned about its physical hazards or implications to the Ghanaian people.”

MTN Business, which is a new unit within MTN Ghana, is focused on providing major organizations, mid-size and small businesses, wholesale customers and the public sector with a powerful resource that combines network and IT infrastructure with expertise in IT managed services, networking and communication solutions.

Some products and services on offer include: Leased Lines (National & International), Last Mile Access, Dedicated Internet, Shared / Dedicated IP Connect, VPN over Mobile. Others include Wi-Fi Hotspots, Co-Location Hosting Services, Convergence, Hosted Messaging & Collaboration and Cloud Computing & Virtualization.

The Acting Executive of MTN Business, Richard Densu stated at the launch that in today’s corporate world, businesses cannot survive without communications services and this is what MTN Business seeks to offer.

He said, “MTN Business is dedicated to the provision of end-to-end, diverse, reliable and cost-effective ICT solutions to the business community in Ghana.

These and many other initiatives are in line with MTN’s unrelenting effort to bring world-class telecommunications services to Ghanaians.”

He added that other infrastructure such as fiber optic and microwave networks across the country and beyond “gives us the opportunity to support the expansion and connectivity needs of your businesses.

We are also able to provide your business with dedicated and shared internet services virtually anywhere your business is located.”

In his address, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MTN Ghana, Michael Ikpoki emphasized that “it is time for Ghana to leverage the growth prospects of this growing industry to speed up socio-economic development, explore the opportunities broadband brings and provide easy access to high-speed connection to the internet.”

Mr. Ikpoki said to support the core mission of MTN business in Ghana, MTN has invested $90 million in the 14,000km West African Cable System (WACS).

“The 5.12 terabites per second capacity cable will provide MTN subscribers in Ghana and across Africa with the much-needed bandwidth upon completion to support infrastructure in the coming months,” the CEO added.

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Hannah Tetteh was also present at the launch.

By Esther Awuah

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